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Hey there you beautiful person! What are you doing in a place like this c: ?!
Pffffttt. We all know why you're here, right c;? To check me out! Mhmmm.

Lol. Well hi there! I'm Kapoofity (also known as Rawrzyz). Have been drawing ever since I could use a writing utensil. I'm pretty sarcastic and can be a bubbly person at times. I'm not a major social butterfly, but that doesn't mean I'm completely social-less (made up word ftw!). I love anime and will draw fanart of various animes. I can never just stick to one particular series. There's just too many to love. //twirls around. Hope you like my deviations, and if you don't oh well. //shrugs.

Well, beautiful person, have a nice day. //eagerly waves at you and face plants to the ground.

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yo guys!
i just want to give you guys an update on my promised touka kirishima kagune tutorial. as of right now i'm currently making the actual tutorial. i didn't think making a tutorial would be this exhausting but it is =A=;;
if you read my last journal you'd know that i was planning on making a new kagune for touka just to make it more durable against the shitty weather that is boston (HELLA CRAZY HURRICANE WINDS THAT ALMOST MADE ME FLY TF AWAY FROM THE GROUND). well, i haven't started on my new kagune for the cosplay, but i wanted y'all to know that i will be making a new one but not in the same way that i did the first time. this time i will be using foam board instead of wire and cellophane.
just in case you don't know the difference between the two, the cellophane kagune are definitely much more lightweight than foam board so its perfect for a convention where you'll be walking around alot but it wont be great when you're in a very crowded area w a bunch of people walking into your kagune anD LETS NOT FORGET THE HURRICANE WINDS OF BOSTON THAT DAY OF ANIME BOSTON LMAO. the cellophane kagune are definitely going to be much more appealing to the eye than a painted foam board hahah.
just to clarify, the tutorial i am currently making will be based on my first kagune for touka which was made of cellophane.
if you guys would like a tutorial on how i'm creating the kagune w foam boards just ask me.
just so no one has high expectation for this tutorial it wont be shit but it will still be crap. i didnt take too many process pics when i created the kagune, so it will mostly be words and drawings, but it's still enough for me to make a tutorial. so hopefully you guys are still looking forward to this tutorial!!
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01 by Kapoofity
really havent submitted anything in a while. i've pretty much been in an art slump/block and literally have no motivation nor inspiration to do anything atm. i havent even been cosplaying much bc ive been a bit too tired or lazy.
currently im in crunch mode bc i really need to start getting everything ready for anime boston considering i procrastinated all christmas break, and i legit had a month off //slaps self.
so heres some eto costests i did a few weeks ago!! my phone camera sucks so my wig looks bluish/silver.

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